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Who Can Apply

At Paravane, we value drive and initiative over past experience. For that reason, we welcome everyone from freshmen to seniors to apply for our internships. Students of all majors are encouraged to apply.

Most of our internships are remote. However, at this time, we can only consider students based in the United States because we are unavailable to sponsor or offer work authorization.


Our internships are paid, but the payment structure varies by role. Payment is some form of commission or profit-sharing for business roles.

Most of our internships are remote.


If you are looking to maximize earnings, Paravane is most likely not the place for you. Because our portfolio is comprised of early stage startups, we are unable to offer the most competitive compensation packages.

However, if your goal is to maximize your learning by working with industry leaders with previous experience at top companies, Paravane is the place for you.

Available Roles

Market Research & Strategy Intern

One of our portfolio companies is working on a new direct to consumer brand. You will do market research to understand the product landscape, needs of relevant stakeholders, and supply chain logistics to help craft a go-to-market strategy.

Product Marketing Manager Intern

You will work with one of our portfolio companies to craft a marketing plan and then get to own the execution of it! This could entail exposure to social media marketing & content creation, online ad campaign management, influencer relations, press release strategy, sales, and more depending on a combination of business need and your interests.

Product Design Intern

You will create website and app designs for new verticals being explored by our portfolio companies. Please include links or attachments of your previous design work in your application if applicable.

Graphic Design Intern

You will help graphically shape the brand identity of a portfolio company. Please include links or attachments of your previous design work in your application if applicable.

Software Engineering Intern

You will build proof-of-concepts of product ideas. Available projects include are currently heavily focused on front-end web development. Please include links to your Github or other previous projects if applicable.


Email your resume to with the subject line including the role(s) you are interested in. You may apply to up to two different roles. Please specify which role you prefer in the body of the email. Expect to hear back within 5-7 business days if we will be moving forward with your candidacy.